Technical Assistance to PFIs

In addition to designing credit guarantees, CGFT also offered customized TA services based on the needs of each of its PFIs. These services were primarily aimed at strengthening the overall capacity of MSME lending.

The TA services offered by CGFT and TCSP included:

Introducing, optimizing and consolidating PFIs’ structures, procedures and processes

Developing and implementing training programs to mitigate credit default risks related to MSME loans that are guaranteed by CGFT

Supporting and training PFIs in the introduction of appropriate environmental and social management systems

Developing innovative new MSME lending products tailored to the market in Tajikistan

Loan Officers Coached
TA Projects Completed
PFI Staff Trained
Photographer: Abdulatif Kayumov

CGFT provided two types of TA services:

Specific TA:

Custom advisory services tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each PFI.

  • Enhancing risk management 
  • Streamlining corporate governance
  • Driving new financial product innovation 
  • Developing required social and environmental management policies and procedures

These programs were carried out under the supervision of the CGFT management by consultants and individual and corporate training providers.

Ongoing TA:

Establishment and development of requirements for successful MSME lending and operations.

  • On-the-job training for credit officers
  • In-house coaching of PFIs
  • Improvement of risk evaluation and delinquency management
  • Hands-on support to PFIs on the improvement of credit processes
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