Photographer: Christian Vagt

Through their operations in Tajikistan, CGFT and TCSP are committed to:

Creating local impact through local presence: CGFT and its investors provide both the capital and the services necessary to ensure effective implementation to create jobs, develop skills and improve financial sector standards

Operating in Tajikistan for the long-term despite the challenging environment, as CGFT was founded during a local economic crisis

Maintaining a lean organization and running business with efficiency, measured by the number of MSME loans guaranteed, jobs created and PFIs working with CGFT

Respecting intercultural differences and learning from them

Believing in the good in people and institutions and finding ways to strengthen them

Helping to make the world a better place by enabling progress and creating jobs in a challenging environment

Nurturing growth of the financial sector of Tajikistan by mobilizing and deploying funds effectively and sustainably

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