Our Success

Photographer: Christian Vagt

Through its operations in Tajikistan, CGFT and its stakeholders achieved their key commitments to:

Operating in Tajikistan for one decade despite the challenging environment.

Creating local impact through local presence: CGFT and its stakeholders provided both the capital and the services necessary to ensure effective implementation to create jobs, develop skills and improve financial sector standards.

Maintaining a lean organization and running business with efficiency, measured by the number of MSME loans guaranteed, jobs created and PFIs working with CGFT.

COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally, CGFT promptly mobilized several initiatives in tandem with its PFIs to promote the utmost level of preparedness and strong support of the Tajik MSME sector.

CGFT Task Force

Worked hand-in-hand with each PFI to rapidly roll out updated guidelines for new MSME loan applications and disbursements. It also provided sector-by-sector analysis to identify areas of increased risk in addition to areas of focus for future lending to firmly position each PFI to respond effectively and protect jobs in the MSME sector.

PFI Coaching Program

Program to bolster assistance for PFIs in optimizing risk management and control processes in their outstanding portfolios. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals

CGFT also contributed to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Tajikistan. By striving to achieve transformational change through strengthening of the financial sector, CGFT provided the local MSME sector with credit, which in turn created new and secured existing jobs.

Poverty in Tajikistan is reduced by job creation through access to finance for MSMEs
Developing and supporting projects that focus on access to finance for female entrepreneurs in Tajikistan
Jobs are created or supported by easier access to finance for MSMEs in Tajikistan
CGFT's Technical Assistance helped develop projects focusing on innovations in the Tajik financial sector
CGFT targeted all regions, including very remote and hard-to-access parts of Tajikistan
Under the framework of Environmental & Social Risks, eco-friendly businesses gained support by CGFT's credit guarantees
Strong support to financial and governmental institutions for equity for access to finance
Working with national, regional & international actors in Tajikistan
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