Technical Assistance to PFIs

The Technical Assistance (TA) services provided by CGFT to Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) in Tajikistan are dedicated to strengthening the capacity of the latter for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lending.

TA services include:

  • TA to Tajik PFIs during the loan process
  • Introducing, improving and consolidating PFIs' structures, procedures and processes regarding the development of best-practice SME credit technology
  • Developing and implementing training programs to mitigate credit default risks related to SME Loans that are guaranteed under CGFT
  • Developing and introducing (together with the PFIs) new appropriate SME Loan products for Tajikistan
  • Supporting and training PFIs in the introduction of appropriate environmental and social management risk systems
Photographer: Abdulatif Kayumov


CGFT provides two types of TA services:

Specific Technical Assistance

is a tailor-made advisory service designed according to the wishes and strengths/weaknesses of each PFI. This includes risk management aspects, corporate governance, development of new financing products (such as overdraft facilities) and measures for improving profitability. These measures are carried out, under the supervision of the CGFT management, by service providers, consultants and training providers (individuals and corporates).

Ongoing Technical Assistance

is closely related to improving PFI's capacity for SME lending and operation of the credit guarantee business. This includes: on-the-job training of credit officers and in-house trainers of the PFIs, hands-on support of PFIs in the improvement of credit processes, systemic review of environment and social aspects, improvement of risk evaluations and delinquency management.

In the long run, the TA services aim to stabilize the Tajik financial sector, strengthen the PFIs and SMEs, improve environmental and social standards, and ultimately generate employment in Tajikistan.