Landscape of Companies

Photographer: Christian Vagt


CGFT operates with the framework of LANDT, an international group of aligned companies with a total of 50 staff members and advisors in Germany, Afghanistan and Tajikistan with further support of international consultants. The group is focused on developing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) finance through establishing credit guarantee schemes and providing Technical Assistance in challenging environments.

The group is managed by Bernd Leidner and Dirk Josef Thiesen, who combined, have over 50 years of experience in the financial sector have worked across the globe.

Credit guarantee services and Technical Assistance to Partner Financial Institutions in Afghanistan and Tajikistan are provided through ACGF - Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation and CGFT - Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan GmbH. Both companies are registered in Germany - ACGF in Cologne and CGFT in Berlin. By improving access to finance for SMEs in most of the regions of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, the two credit guarantee funds contribute to the development and growth of a sustainable private enterprise sector with urgently needed employment. Operating as a part of LANDT enables the two credit guarantee schemes to develop synergies and exchange know-how across borders. The expertise and capacities developed from this cooperation creates the potential for further expansion of LANDT into other countries. 

Landscape of Companies

Landscape of Companies