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Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan

CGFT - Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan GmbH is an international, Berlin-based company providing specific services to the financial sector of Tajikistan. By providing credit guarantees and technical assistance to Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) from Tajikistan, CGFT improves the access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and helps to create and strengthen employment in Tajikistan. 

Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia with 93% of its territory covered by mountains. The challenging landscape of the country is matched by its difficult economic landscape. After its independence in 1991, the country experienced a five year-long civil war. It is currently experiencing an economic crisis due to the heavy dependence on remittances from Russia. Approximately 870,000 Tajik citizens left the country to work in Russia in 2015. It is expected that the GDP growth bottomed out in 2016 and predicted to be followed by a gradual climb  through a slow recovery of GDP growth in 2017 - 2018. As it is starting from a point of disadvantage, the economy of Tajikistan needs sustainable growth and can achieve it through economic cooperation with international partners. 

Photographer: Sukhrob Khasanov

CGFT, member of the Global Network of Guarantee Institutions (GNGI), is dedicated to supporting the economic recovery and development of Tajikistan by facilitating growth in the SME sector. Driven by the initiative of individual Tajik people SMEs have the potential to ensure economic growth, create employment and provide income across the country. CGFT creates favorable financial environment for SME upscaling and expansion. Credit guarantees encourage the natural growth of the economy driven by the existing demands of the SMEs.

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Tajikistan - Demographics

Population - 8.921 mln people

53.1% of population is below 24 years

72.98% of population lives in rural areas

  (Sources: World DataBank; UNdata; CIA World Factbook)

Tajikistan - Economy and Geography

GDP - USD 7.146 bln 

31.6% percent of GDP are remittances

141.376 kmĀ² - surface area

 (Sources: World DataBank; ADB)

CGFT - Tajikistan

CGFT - Tajikistan